Monday, 14 September 2009

nice weather at last

well the summer hols are over and our oldest child has started school, youngest is at nursery and it's finally hot with clear blue skys. only managed to make something of it on a bike ride one day. not enough time to go to the beach and I'm working of course. Well at least our week in cornwall wasn't too bad and we managed to get on the beach most days. The leaves have started to fall now - roll on next summer

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

British Summer

Is this actually a typical British summer? We've been lucky to have a few hot ones but the last two years have been rain rain and more rain. just how I remember them really. It's been so bad I just can't wait to get away and go somewhere sunny like France where I can enjoy a naturist beach. mind you i need to sort out my passport first!!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

thats not my name

Ok so starting from the top; Adverbux is down: they said they would be stopping their ad clicks and focusing on offers, seems it was a bad idea. It's a shame they had the paid arcade that i really liked and I was on about $5, well maybe it's just temporary
Advercash has lowered the amount they pay to ridiculously small amounts, but now have loads of ads, so it may even out... we'll see. I'm on $5.52 with them
I'm still waiting for my $10 payout from, and I'm on over $20 with them

Monday, 9 June 2008

Sunny times

This Weekend was splendid! Saturday was also World Naturist Day!! although I'd totally forgotten and no one bothered to say. No media coverage whatso ever, despite numerous Naked bike rides across the country (and the world). I only realised when on the Sunday night project they mentioned it (adding it was disgusting). I'd like them to do a joke like that about any other group.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

diets that time forgot

The way they introduced naturism was really good, if I wasn't already a naturist, I'd want to try it after seeing the show last night. Maybe this is how more people should be introduced to naturism, just walk them into a room with two people in it playing pingpong!! On a serious side it shows how quickly most people get at ease after the initial "shock" and about the health benefits. Hopefully it will get many more people to try naturism. It's just a shame the voice over before the show went on about the nudity in such a biased way.

Friday, 21 March 2008

lucky me

I got invited to a random event last night, a party to do with volonteers. It was all rather ott and expensive, lots of free food and treats, plus they did a raffle and I won a signed catherine tate dvd and an easter egg which i swapped for some doctor who books! Emma got an award for being a cheerleader...
On saturday she's going to the BCA competition with her team, the huddersfield Hawk cheerleaders. GO HAWKS!

and I finally got my petition on line! so please sign it.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Illegal Signs at fraisthorpe

the council responsible for this beach which has been used by naturists for over 30 years have put up signs saying basically that naturism is illegal and anyone caught naked on the beach will be prosecuted. This just isn't true, there are NO laws in the uk by which someone can be arrested just for being naked, Naturism is perfectly legal. I'm not particularly keen on this particular beach, it's not often good enough weather to go to the beach on the bridlington coast, plus the beach is over looked by cliffs which are roamed by wierd men in long coats. But naturists should have the same right to use the beach as anyone else and councils should not be trying to stop people by scaring them with lies! Even if you are not a naturist don't you think naturists should have an allocated area, which is clearly signed and should even have life-guards (like they do in france).
If so take a minute to sign these petitions: